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Spring Freshet Moving Downstream on TSW

Spring Freshet Moving Downstream on TSW

Posted by Admin on Apr 12th 2016

Flooding eases in parts of Trent Severn Waterway, but Rice Lake continues to rise

A Flood Warning is issued when flooding is beginning/occurring or when more serious flooding is possible. A Flood Warning requires action that may include the activation of the municipal flood emergency plan, warning residents or businesses in specific affected areas, and in some cases evacuation.

Lower Trent Conservation advises municipalities and the public that the Flood Warning issued on April 7, 2016 remains in effect for Rice Lake and the Trent River from Hastings to Trenton.

Water levels on Rice Lake increased slightly over the weekend with the peak spring runoff from upstream areas (Kawartha Lakes & Otonabee River) now reaching Rice Lake. Water levels on the Trent River at Percy Reach and Glen Ross have slightly declined due to the Crowe River peaking several days ago. Residents living in low lying, floodplain areas from Hastings to Trenton should anticipate sustained high water levels for the next several days.

The Trent-Severn Waterway is continuing to make daily operational changes to water control structures throughout the entire system to allow the spring runoff to pass downstream through the river system. Lower Trent Conservation is maintaining regular contact with the Trent-Severn Waterway, Ontario Surface Water Monitoring Centre, Ontario Power Generation, and Conservation Authorities to ensure we are aware of conditions that may affect the downstream sections of the river.

The public is urged to use extreme caution around all watercourses due to strong currents, very cold water temperatures, and slippery stream banks. Parents and caregivers are advised to keep children away from all waterways. Areas around dams, culverts and bridges should be avoided at all times.

Lower Trent Conservation is monitoring water levels and weather forecasts closely as part of its flood forecasting and warning program. Daily water level updates are available at www.ltc.on.ca. If you have concerns about water levels, please contact Lower Trent Conservation at (613) 394-4829.

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