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Operation Dry Water This Weekend

Operation Dry Water This Weekend

Posted by Admin on Jul 29th 2014

According to the Red Cross, more than 1/3rd of Canadian boaters consume alcohol every time they go boating and nearly 2/3rds say they sometimes do. The CSBC aims to change that this weekend.

CSBC “Operation Dry Water” This Weekend

Again this year, the Canadian Safe Boating Council puts an extra focus on the risks of drinking and boating over the August long weekend. 

Alcohol is a factor in nearly 40% of boating incidents.

What many don’t realize is that the effect of drinking is often intensified while on the water.  Sun, wind, waves and the rocking motion of the boat can greatly increase the effects of alcohol, further impairing judgment, focus, and physical control, for instance.  A moment’s inattention can last a lifetime. 

It’s also against the law.

In Ontario, operating a boat under the influence carries the same penalties as impaired driving in an automobile, including hefty fines and loss of driving privileges. 


Do not drink or carry open alcohol containers while underway.

Do transport alcohol containers securely stowed and out of reach.

Do not drink on board under any circumstances unless the boat is a “residence”, which means permanent sleeping facilities, a head (washroom) and a galley (kitchen).  A cot, tent and Coleman stove on a raft is not a residence. 

Drinking on board “residence” watercraft is only permitted when the boat is anchored, securely moored, or hard aground… never when underway.

Operation Dry Water

A year ago, the Canadian Safe Boating Council launched the Operation Dry Water campaign over the August long weekend.  Again this year, marine enforcement will saturate high traffic areas on lakes and canals throughout the province – in fact, across Canada – intensifying efforts to detect and apprehend boat operators who are under the influence.  In future, the campaign may include “ride-along” media with marine enforcement agencies to conduct vessel safety checks.  The ultimate goal is to raise public awareness and reduce the incidence of drinking and boating. 


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