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Bolsover Dam Update on TSW

Bolsover Dam Update on TSW

Posted by Admin on Apr 12th 2016

Parks Canada updates construction on Bolsover Dam

Parks Canada is pleased to provide an update on our work to replace the Bolsover water control dam at Lock 37 in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

T he construction of the new dam is complete and the upstream and downstream cofferdams have been removed. Parks Canada staff have been onsite this week to gradually begin the flow of water through one of the spillways. In order to protect fish spawning areas downstream of the dam, an environmental plan was put into place that would reduce disturbance in the water. T hroughout the process of gradually opening a spillway,a ParksCanadaenvironmentalteamhas beenonsite providingmonitoringand conducting tests.

Once the dam is deemed to be fully operational, it will be set to normal winter settings and steps will be taken to remove the temporary water diversion system at the site. Boat navigation will continue as normal when the 2016 navigation season begins on May 20, however the lock grounds will remain closed to the public while they are being restored. It is anticipated the site at Lock 37 will be completely restored by Fall 2016, and fully open to the public in the 2017 season.

Waterretainingstructures,liketheBolsoverDamatLock37,playanintegralrolein the management of water lev els of the T rent-Severn Waterway, and in the safety of residents and visitors in this area.

TheGovernmentofCanadahasmade unprecedentedinvestmentsintorehabilitating Parks Canada’s assets and infrastructure. When the replacement of the Bolsover Dam at Lock 37 was announced in 2013, this project was the largest construction project that Parks Canada had undertaken in Eastern Canada in 25 years. 


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