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VHF License

Posted on Jun 11th 2014

The rule across Canada is that boaters must have a Radio Operator’s Certificate – Marine (ROC-M) to use any marine radio, including VHF. You do not need the certificate to listen to the radio – to monitor marine weather, for instance, or emergency calls. But if you want to transmit on a VHF radio, you need the ROC-M.

Phonetic Alphabet

Posted on Jun 11th 2014

Because some letters rhyme with other letters, it can be confusing when you’re spelling a name, for instance. In the Phonetic Alphabet, each word represents a letter. So if you want to spell out the name of your boat – Spindrift, say – you’d say Sierra, Papa, India, November, Delta, Romeo, India, Foxtrot, Tango.

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