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Fiberglass Maintenance

Posted on Aug 06th 2014

Regular attention will keep your fibreglass gleaming like new.

Care & Feeding of Vinyl Upholstery

Posted on Jul 29th 2014

Some expert advice on taking care of the vinyl upholstery on your boat... it was made to last, help it do its job!

How to Keep a Boat from Sinking

Posted on Jul 02nd 2014

Surprisingly Simple Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Boat Afloat

Hammer Diagnosis

Posted on Jul 02nd 2014

Sometimes, damage to the hull is not as obvious as a gaping hole in the freeboard. That’s when a hammer becomes a useful diagnostic tool. Structural wood in the hull of some boats can rot when water seeps through microscopic cracks and holes in the fiberglass that covers them.

Getting Ready for Launch

Posted on Apr 22nd 2014

A chip or little dent in your prop blade may not seem like much but it can be the start of something much bigger…

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