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Trent Severn WaterWay, Trenton, Lock 1

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

AKA “Greenhorn”. The name is obvious. This is the first lock for a great many boaters. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, tell the lock staff. They’ve helped thousands of boaters and can make your trip a lot easier.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Sidney, Lock 2

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Named for the township that surrounds it (after Thomas Townsend Viscount Sydney, 1789… the difference in spelling is likely a slip of someone’s quill). The expansive lawn gives kids and pets a place to get the wiggles out.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Glen Miller, Lock 3

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

As you approach the lock, a low wall on the west side separates the channel from the dam spillway but the current can still move boats around and there’s significant turbulence when the lock empties. A large lawn invites picnics.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Batawa, Lock 4

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

The lockmaster’s house has been restored, one of three you’ll find along the way. It’s now the lock station. The lock is rural with no town nearby but local fishermen like to try their luck in below the dam.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Trent, Lock 5

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Another restored lockmaster’s house presides over this lock… a dam controls the flow of water. The area is nicely treed. Markers on the west side indicate a rocky shallow area – of more interest to boaters headed downstream.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Frankford, Lock 6

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Now we’re back to civilization. Frankford village is beside the lock and has groceries, a hardware store and such within a 10-minute walk. The island separating the lock from the river is a spot for the kids to run around.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Glen Ross, Lock 7

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Along with the trees, the terraced flowerbeds make this a pretty spot to stay – better on the downstream side than above the lock. Lots of room for picnics and walks ashore. The fishing is good in the stretch up stream.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Percy Reach, Lock 8

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Very quiet and comfortable… fishing for bass and pickerel is good, the Murray Marsh is an easy walk away and Centennial Trail offers a short hike to the next lock. Tie up early this is a popular spot.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Meyer's, Lock 9

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Beautiful parkland surrounds this secluded lock. There are no stores nearby but the restored lockmaster’s house is worth a visit. If it’s windy, you might want to tie up downstream but if it’s hot, the breeze upstream may be more comfortable.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Hague's Reach, Lock 10

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Peaceful and quiet here, too, with nice parkland to roam in. If you plan to stay a while, upstream is a better spot to tie up because the turbulence from the opening lock can stir things up downstream.

Trent Severn Waterway, Ranney Falls, Lock 11 and 12

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Ranney Falls is the first set of twin flight locks on the Trent. They’re about 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) south of Campbellford, with supplies and services including marinas and fuel. Ferris Provincial Park is a short walk away.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Campbellford, Lock 13

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Lock 13, Campbellford is on the north side of town and on the east side of the river. The lock is well downstream of the dam. The only facilities here are washrooms. There’s another nice picnic area and peaceful spot for overnight mooring.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Crowe Bay, Lock 14

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

Crowe Bay Lock 14 lock station is on an island between the lock channel and the power station. The outflow is worth wetting a line for pickerel and bass. The river opens up into a small lake up stream.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Healey Falls, Lock 15

Posted on Jun 22nd 2014

This is one of a pair of locks in Healey Falls. Ontario Power Generation has a generating station at Healey Falls with four turbines turning a maximum of more than 15 megawatts of electricity.

Trent Severn WaterWay, Healey Falls, Locks 16 and 17

Posted on Jun 20th 2014

The flight locks at Healey Falls are a place to stop and get out your camera and your fishing rod.

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