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Marinas on Lake of the Woods

Posted on Jul 07th 2014

Places to Moor Your Boat - and more - on Lake of the Woods

Georgian Bay

Posted on Jun 02nd 2014

Georgian Bay is almost a Great Lake on its own... Champlain remarked on its soft waters, and still today people marl at how clear this water is... all 15,000 square kilometres of it. Here you\\\'ll never run out of things to do.

Morson, Lake of the Woods

Posted on Jun 02nd 2014

Europeans arrived here 400 years ago, but you will see what they saw when you first lay eyes on this wilderness. Ojibway walked the trails through the woods, fur traders paddled on their way from Winnipeg to Superior... and you will understand the awe they felt at this beauty.

Ottawa River

Posted on Jun 02nd 2014

Glorious rapids, extraordinary fishing, exciting raft rides, wilderness adventures... this is a wild northern river you can cruise for 500 kilometres... past cities and towns, through wilderness, with marinas along the way for a cozy place to stay.

Lake of the Woods

Posted on May 26th 2014

14,000 islands, 65,000 miles of shoreline... some of the best trophy fishing in Ontario... friendly cities and towns... Lake of The Woods is an extraordinary place to go boating.


Posted on May 25th 2014

A city with its feet in one of the largest fresh water lakes in North America, and the far wilderness right out its back door. It is a fascinating city with so much to do and so many things to see.

Pelee Island

Posted on May 25th 2014

An extraordinary Island in the middle of Lake Erie... the farthest south you can go in Canada... a quiet place where the sound of migrating birds is often the loudest sound you hear.

Kingston, Ontario

Posted on May 07th 2014

Kingston is a fascinating place. It is the oldest city in Canada, once the country’s capital, and today is a study in contrasts. Peaceful neighbourhoods belie its belligerent past. Ancient trees and grand limestone buildings share the ground with modern structures of glass and steel.

The North Channel

Posted on May 07th 2014

Its name is unassuming but the place is among the world’s finest cruising destinations. Some say the best freshwater cruising anywhere!

Georgian Bays 30,000 Islands

Posted on Apr 21st 2014

According to one legend the last giant, Kitchi-Kiwana, was carrying a mountain when he tripped and fell. The mountain shattered and the pieces became the Thirty Thousand Islands.

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