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Trent Severn WaterWay, Trenton, Lock 1
Lock 1, Trenton

Lock 1 - Trenton


The day you begin your journey is always exciting. You’re cutting a slice of history right across Ontario… through farmland and hardwood forests, past limestone and cedar to the rugged granite and windswept white pines of Georgian Bay.  At one time, o get an early start, boaters would spend the night up river from the CN railway bridge, to get an early start.  Now you can be ready as soon as the lock opens.


For obvious reasons, this is the “Greenhorn Lock” where many boaters get their first locking experience. As with every lock from here to Georgian Bay, the staff are trained and ready to give you a helping hand whenever you need it. The first thing you have to do is pull up to the blue line and wait for the lockmaster’s instructions.

If it’s your first time, tell the staff. They’ll be glad to help. It won’t be long before you get the hang of it. With 18 locks from here to Rice Lake, boaters soon become quite adept.


Good accessibility to public transportation and highways; a place to meet guests or swap crews.  Get to know your fellow boaters in the locks.  You will likely be traveling in a pod at least for the next five locks.

Chart:       2021

Length:     46.9 meters (154 feet)

Width:      9.7 meters (32 feet)

Lift:           5.4 meters (17.6 feet)


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