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Trent Severn WaterWay, Trent, Lock 5
Lock 5, Trent

Lock 5, Trent


This lock is another with the original lock master’s house.  There was a time when it rented for $5 a month!  Back in those days, the locks were open 24 hours a day and any boats that locked through at night did so by the light of lanterns.  Lock masters did not always reside in such luxury as the house here.  They may have stayed in a shack left by the construction crew and in some cases nearby farmers let the boats through.  It wasn’t an onerous task.  Some years only 50 boats would pass by.  Now there are many more.


Chart:       2021

Length:     46.9 meters (154 feet)

Width:      9.7 meters (32 feet)

Lift:           5.5 meters (18 feet)


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