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Trent Severn WaterWay, Sidney, Lock 2
Lock 2, Sidney

Sidney, Lock 2


At Lock Two, the Highway 401 Bridge spans the river.  This is typical of the locks along the Trent River.  The dam beside it gives you some idea of the volume of water that has to be managed - imagine the rapids before the dam was built!  This was one of the final locks built on the system in the early 1900’s.  Like many of the dams along this river, it has a hydro-electric generating station.  Overnight stays are quieter on the upstream side of the lock plus there’s easier access to the parkland.

As you continue north, the sound of 401 traffic quickly fades, and there’s nothing but rolling farmland with hardwood forests. It’s pretty in the summer and ablaze with color in the fall.


Chart:       2021

Length:     46.9 meters (154 feet)

Width:      9.7 meters (32 feet)

Lift:           6.1 meters (20 feet)


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