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Trent Severn WaterWay, Percy Reach, Lock 8
Lock 8, Percy Rech


Percy Reach


A long stretch of open water lies between locks 7 and 8.  Much of it has a low speed limit but there is a stretch where you can open up and clear the cobwebs out of your engine.  From Percy Reach Lock you get a long look downstream.  The fishing is good here with all the neighbouring marshland and that is probably one reason for the popularity of this spot for overnight stays.  It’s also very quiet and secluded - at the end of a dead end road.  If you plan an overnight stay, get here early to claim your spot.  If your crew wants to stretch its legs, Lock 8 is one end of the Centennial Trail that follows the canal for about a mile to Meyers Lock 9.  The trail gives birders an opportunity to add to their lists… particularly early and late in the season when the songbirds are on the move.


Chart:       2021

Length:     46.9 meters (154 feet)

Width:      9.7 meters (32 feet)

Lift:           6 meters (20 feet)


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