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Trent Severn WaterWay, Crowe Bay, Lock 14
Lock 14 Crowe Bay

Lock 14, Crowe Bay


The power of the Trent is harnessed here with a electricity generating station on the east side.  The dam is to the west but except when the water’s high, more flows through the generating station.  The lock itself is actually on an island.  There are picnic tables and open parkland on the upstream side where it’s usually very quiet.  Boaters tend to pass by Crowe Bay for overnight, preferring to stay at Campbellford or farther upstream at Healey Falls.  If you do decide to stay here, try casting into the river below the power station… right where the water calms down.  Pickerel fishing can be good and without a lot of overnighters, the fish might not spook as easily.


Chart:       2021

Length:     46.9 meters (154 feet)

Width:      9.7 meters (32 feet)

Lift:           7.6 meters (25 feet)


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