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Trailering your Boat
Requirements to License your Trailer

Towing a Trailer


To pull a boat on a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of up to 4,600 kilograms (10,141 pounds) you must have a valid driver’s license (G1, G2 or G).  To pull a larger trailer as specified in the Highway Traffic Act you may need a higher class of license or an oversize vehicle permit to tow it.  Oversize permits are available at some ServiceOntario centers. 


A trailer is considered a separate vehicle and must be registered at a ServiceOntario Center.  You pay a one-time free and receive a license plate and vehicle permit.  Attach the license to the back of your trailer where it is clearly visible and always carry your permit or a copy when you are pulling the trailer.


Trailers must be kept in safe operating condition, with proper lights and reflectors tires, and brakes, if the trailer has a gross trailer weight and load of 1,360 kilograms (3,000 pounds) or more. 


Trailers must be secured to the tow vehicle in two separate ways, so if one comes loose the other will hold.  Safety chains must be crossed under the tongue and chain hooks must have latches or other similar devices.


Trailer hitches must correspond to the gross weight of the trailer, and must be of the proper height so the trailer is level.


Trailer loads must be properly distributed and secured so that nothing can become dislodged or fall off and trailer loads must not exceed the capacity of the trailer. 


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