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Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Proof of Competency

Pleasure Craft Operator Card


Anyone who operates a motorized pleasure craft of any size or horsepower must now have on board proof of competency at all time.  This includes canoes with motors or sailboats with motors.   The reason is obvious.  It shows that the boat operator has a basic level of knowledge to operate a recreational boat in a safe manner. 


Information includes the minimum safety equipment required onboard, the Canadian buoyage system, how to share the WaterWays, a review of regulations and how to respond to an emergency situation.  Ideally, boaters should take an accredited course before writing the test.  Here is a list of accredited providers,


Although the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is not the only acceptable Proof of Competency, it is the most common and is available at a great many places throughout the province and on line.  PCOC Card holders are required to successfully pass an accredited boating safety test. 


Other Accepted Forms of Proof of Competency:


-       Proof of having passed a boating safety course prior to April 1, 1999, the date when the PCOC was introduced

-       A specified marine certificate, a list of which is available here.

-       A completed rental boat safety checklist, provided by the boat rental company.  Note that this is valid only for the period of the rental.  You can get a copy of the checklist here.


Visitors to Canada must have an operator card or equivalent that meets the standards of their home country. 

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