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Personal Watercraft (PWC) Safety Equipment
Safety Equipment Requirements

Personal Watercraft (PWC)


Note:  please see the definitions for each of these safety devices


1.     One approved personal flotation device or lifejacket of appropriate size for everyone on board

2.     One buoyant heaving line

3.     One re-boarding device

a.     Not required for vessels with freeboard less than .5 meters (20 inches)

4.     One paddle, oar or other manual propelling device or one anchor with at least 15 meters (50 feet) of cable, rope or chain.

5.     One bailer, manual bilge pump or other bilge pumping equipment

a.     Not required on vessels that cannot hold enough water to cause them to capsize

b.     Or which have sealed watertight compartments sufficient to keep the vessel afloat

6.     One watertight flashlight or three flares of types A, B, or C.

a.     Not required on boats less than 6 meters (20 feet) in length

b.     Or are operating in waterways less than two nautical miles (3.9 kilometers) wide

7.     One sound signaling device

8.     Navigation lights

a.     Not required when vessel is operated in daylight and clear visibility

9.     Magnetic compass

a.     Not required where navigation marks are in sight

10. Radar Reflector

a.     Not required in limited traffic conditions, daylight and favourable weather where it is not essential to the boat’s safety

b.     Or when the small size of the boat or its operation away from navigation makes the reflector impractical

11. One 5 BC fire extinguisher


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