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Pelee Island
The Southernmost Point in Canada

Pelee Island

Quiet.  That’s what you notice first.  Then come the sounds… air moving over the fields and through the trees… birds… so many birds… water lapping on the shore.  In the evening, crickets, a lonely loon, a whippoorwill saying its name, people talking in the boat way out there… sounds drowned in city hubbub, unheard.


The sky is next… so many stars… a moon you can touch… and clouds like castles in the air…


And scents… newly turned earth, flowers, the unmistakable scent of air that has blown across water… the aroma of wine that came from this earth to your glass…


Pelee Island brings you back to nature… back to life.  It’s the southernmost point in Canada and a stepping stone for migratory birds… a place where the daily grind is a fresh cup of coffee… a traffic jam is bicycles traveling in opposite directions along the path… and commuting is what songbirds do as they follow the sun. 


Arrive by boat and stay in a sheltered marina.  Arrive by ferry or airplane and there are B&Bs to make you feel at home.  Bring a tent.  Cozy campgrounds will keep you close to this extraordinary natural place.  You can bring your own bicycle or rent one… or just walk wherever you want to go. 


There are wineries here… producing blanc de blanc, riesling, cabernet, merlot, shiraz, icewine… and many more to tempt your palate… and there are restaurants where repasts pair perfectly with island-made.  There are artisans, shops and kites to fly, fish to catch from your own boat or chartered craft… and beaches to make the most of the sunshine.  In spring and fall the migrating flocks of birds will take your breath away. 


Come south… as far as you can in Canada… come back to life… back to nature… on Pelee Island. 

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