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Ottawa River
A Wild Northern River that begins in northern wilderness and flows past the nation's capitol.

Launch your Adventure in the Ottawa River


Choose your own pleasure. 


Do you want to cruise?  The Ottawa River takes you more than 500 kilometres past cities and towns and through wilderness.  The Ottawa River Waterway's unique system of hydraulic trailers handle powerboats up to 30 feet and 15,000 pounds safely and securely. 


Do you want to challenge white water?  The Ottawa River has world-class rapids with standing waves and awesome drops.  The water flows strong and steady all season long.  The river gives your kayak a place to dance and will do its best to throw you out of the raft. 


Do you want to sail?  You’ll find yacht clubs in the lower reaches and some extraordinary stretches of wide-open river upstream.  Do you want to fish?  Look for bass, pickerel and pike.  You might even latch onto a sturgeon, sauger or gar. 


Along the way you can come ashore and pitch a tent.  You can dock at a marina.  Head to a hotel or anchor out from the sandy beach. 


Get close to the wilderness… on the extraordinary Ottawa River.

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