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Morson, Lake of the Woods
A northern town on the edge of wilderness.

To explore northern waters, wild lakes that few have ever seen, Morson is the place to start your exploration.  This community appears carved out of the rocks and trees of Ontario’s wilderness.  Look out from town and you’ll see much the same scene that the First Nations people saw when they created the images on the cliffs of Painted Rock Island, perhaps a thousand years ago.


It’s a place for people who love the out of doors… fishing hunting hiking lying on a sandy beach photography snowmobiling cross country skiing… however you enjoy the true wilderness, this region will fill your days… and Morson will keep your nights warm and comfortable. 


Places to eat, places to stay, places to replenish supplies… they’re all here.  And you don’t have to stay right in town - nearby there are campsites and full-service RV sites.  You can rent a houseboat, housekeeping cabin, or stay in a lodge or resort.


In the fall, migrating waterfowl stop in bays filled with wild rice - teal and mallards, bluebills and wood ducks.  In the woods, grouse are plentiful and so are moose, deer and bear.


Come to Morson, on Lake-of-the-Woods, less than 60 kilometers from the U.S. border, and become part of Canada’s wilderness.  You may go home again, but what you see and feel will stay with you for all time.

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