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Fuel Well
Start with a Difference. Run with Confidence

“Fuel Well Fine Tunes Jerry Can Management Practices”

                                                     Canoe FM Radio, June 13 2013


Are you seeking more leisure and recreation time? Then why not tag your tanks.



What’s in Your Tank?


Fuel Well is definitely one of those products that fall under the category of “Why did someone not think of this a long time ago?” Well, it is here now and it is going to save you time, money, frustration, confusion, waste, extend engine life, and without sacrifice you’ll become a better steward of the environment.

Fuel Well will also do a lot more… easily.


What is Fuel Well?


Fuel Well is an identification tag that attaches securely to portable fuel tanks and shows you at a glance what the blend or fuel ratio mixture is, rewritable strips are populated to identify what power equipment the fuel needs to be delivered to; rewritable strips also highlight refill and the all-important stabilization dates.


Simple… but just think of what it all means.

OEM Manufacturers recommend specific blends and or ratios for all their power equipment. There are different oil/fuel ratio mixtures and specific blends for a variety of equipment such as outboards, string trimmers, 2 or 4-cycle lawn mowers, chain saws, ATV’s, and snowmobiles to mention a few. If the wrong fuel gets delivered to the wrong engine, it could be toast.


One Fuel Well client owns and operates a lawn and garden maintenance operation employing summer students. Every year he would lose a couple of engines due to incorrect fuel delivery. Three years ago he lost three engines in the very same fashion. He purchased Fuel Well tags two years ago, trained his staff, and hasn’t destroyed an engine since.


Fuel Well recommends storing your tanks outside in a garden shed protected by shade and well ventilated. This practice will prevent your tanks turning into watermelons from direct sunlight and the internal evaporation pressure. Proper storage could save up to 50% of that infamous swish of toxic fumes every time you open the cap.


Talk about organization, tag all your tanks, line them up, and lock it up keeping the youngsters out of harm’s way.


Fuel Well is easy as 1,2,3 to configure


1)    Simply punch out the perforated circle of the corresponding fuel blend or ratio of your tank contents

2)    Specify compatible equipment for fuel tanks, refill and stabilization dates in rewritable strips with permanent marker.

3)    Attach the Fuel Well tag to your tank with supplied cable ties


Check out their Website to see what people are saying about Fuel Well and discover a number of organizational tips, tools and gadgets including the online Ratio Calculator, great to view when you’re at the pumps, and takes the guess work out of mixing.


Drop by your local Canadian Tire Store and pick up a set of two, then start enjoying your increased leisure and recreation time.  Look for product number CT Product #028-3026-8.

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