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Check Your Prop

"But It's Only a Little Dent..."

A chip or little dent in your prop blade may not seem like much but it can be the start of something much bigger… and much more expensive to fix.  A propeller that’s out of balance causes vibration that you might not notice.  That vibration can cause uneven wear on bearings or break seals.  Without a proper seal gear oil leaks out or water seeps in.  Either one can wreck your gears. 

Here’s the domino effect: chipped prop… vibration… worn bearings… leaking seals… wrecked gears. 

Here’s the easy fix.  Repair your prop.  There’s no better time than in the winter because you won’t lose a moment of time on the water.

When you take your boat out of the water this fall, check the prop(s).  If there’s any damage, come to Kawartha Prop Repair.  The fix probably won’t cost much but it will be a lot less than replacing bearings or a the whole lower unit! 

You can also check the gear oil in the lower unit.  If it looks like a milkshake you have water leaking in.  If it’s low, you probably have oil leaking out… which means your seals have likely failed.  We should fix that, too.

While we’re at it, we can repair, straighten and refinish the skegs on your lower unit(s) to help protect your investment in summer fun. 

Kawartha Prop Repair… when Precision Matters. 

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